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Wapfrog blackjack - free java game download

Free play blackjack for mobile java enabled phones. See if you can get to our wapfrog blackjack leader board after 20 rounds of fun play... download and play now.

About Wapfrog blackjack by wapfrog.com

Wapfrog blackjack is a free (non-real money) card game, based on the most widely known card game in casino's world wide, also known as twenty-one. Play now!

download now!
download now! (downloads :31967, size :183559 kb , date :2011-04-22)

How to play?

Wapfrog Blackjack has a simple objective, get the highest bankroll you can within 20 rounds. You begin with $100 (fun money) and need to make it through 20 rounds. Our game rules are: 1. Dealer must hit on 16 and must stand on all 17. 2. Blackjack pays 3 to 2 3. Insurance pays 2 to 1 and costs exactly half the current bet. 4. Double is only for an exact match of your current bet. 5. No split. Simple rules, fun game ... get started already, what are you waiting for? Go a head, it is free.

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This software (Wapfrog blackjack) is a freeware, you can download and use it at you own risk, you are free to distribute it as is with no changes. For any special distribution requests please contact to webmaster@wapfrog.com

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download now!
download now! (downloads :31967, size :183559 kb , date :2011-04-22)

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